With the many types of jewelry - especially gold - available causing much frustration and confusion when shopping, we wanted to explain the differences of the types we offer. We are committed to making everyday, stylish pieces while making sure everyone has access to quality pieces, regardless of price point. Because who enjoys green necks and fingers? 
Here's a quick summary below.

At The Casson Collection, you'll find gold fill, gold vermeil, or gold plated stainless steel jewelry. All were chosen because they are hypoallergenic (unless you have a gold allergy!) and tarnish resistant.         
Gold fill is a great alternative to solid gold jewelry. It is a pressure bonded layer of gold onto a base metal such as copper or brass. It has more gold than gold plated pieces. The term "Gold filled" is a regulated industry standard that requires the jewelry's metal to consist of at least 5% solid gold by weight. The characteristics of gold filled make it a beautiful, durable, and economical alternative to solid gold, that will last years if cared for properly.       

Vermeil refers to pure or sterling silver that is plated with a thin layer of gold. Most vermeil jewelry available now is created by electroplating the silver with gold, a chemical process that uses an electrical current to bind the two metals together. While it may sound similar to gold plated jewelry, gold vermeil jewelry has a much thicker layer of gold. In order to be considered as true vermeil jewelry in the US, the piece has to meet certain qualifications. For instance, the gold on the piece needs to be at least 2.5 microns thick, and at least 10k or higher. This means it is less likely to fade, tarnish, or wear off.

Our gold plated components consist of 18k gold plated 316L stainless steel. Firstly, it's worth noting that stainless steel is known for being non-degradable and 100% recyclable. It's also the most ecologically friendly metal used in jewelry making as the carbon and waste emitted from manufacturing is significantly lower than others on the market. Another aspect that makes stainless steel popular is that it stands up well to everyday wear and tear and requires minimal maintenance. 
We value the satisfaction of our customers the most and believe in quality products for that reason. Any questions? Please contact us here.